OurBus Bartons was established in 2016, by a group of dedicated volunteers responding to cuts that left our local community without public transport, and the twin spectres of rural isolation and stagnation looming. OurBus Bartons provides a scheduled weekday bus service along seven routes linking our local community with transport hubs in larger villages, health centres and supermarkets. OurBus Bartons is available to hire at weekends.

Photo Gallery
  • Our New Bus!

    Introducing our new 2nd vehicle. Covering our main bus and expanding our hire capacity to 30!

  • Our new electric sign!

    You told it is difficult to see OurBus coming in the dark Winter months - so, thanks to the Cooperative Group, we have bought this sign!

  • Donation from Bel Canto Community Choir

    Richard Brown, Chair of OurBus Bartons, receives a generous and much appreciated donation from Lynda Webb, Director of Bel Canto Community Choir

  • Deddington Farmers' Market

    We're entering an exciting new partnership!

  • Flat tyre

    OurBus Volunteers deal with a flat tyre on Christmas Eve

  • Excursion to Bicester Avenue

    Waiting for our passengers on a recent excursion

OurBus Bartons
OurBus Bartons aims to "provide transport facilities for those Residents of The Bartons and surrounding villages who have difficulty in using public transport because of age, sickness, mental or physical disability, poverty, or because of the lack of availability of adequate and safe public transport services".